Anika Cartterfield studies places of tension -- instances in politics and in her personal story where two forces are so at odds with one another, they are locked into immobility. She confronts these divisions: researching, investigating, and then responding, with sculptures and installations that hold an inclusive space in which conflicting forces co-exist. She uses this process to create site-responsive works that do not name a “right” or a “wrong” but instead create room for things to be fully themselves, to be separate, and to witness one another.

Anika Cartterfield is a New England based artist who creates large-scale sculptures that are made for and defined by specific architecture and environmental sites. She has created site-specific installations in the U.S. and abroad and exhibited in galleries in Vermont, Boston, and Maryland. She completed her B.F.A. at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design 15’. She was the 2015 recipient of the prestigious Godine Travel Award and has participated in residencies at Salem Art Works, Salem, NY, Arquetopia, Puebla, MX, Monson Arts Center, ME and Haystack School of Crafts, ME. Cartterfield is currently making work in Austin, TX as an MFA candidate at University of Texas at Austin.