Abandoned house, broom, scraper, drywall, white paint, vinyl flooring, incandescent lights

Monson, ME, a post-industry slate town in Piscataquis County, is in the process of transition. The Libra foundation has taken the town on as a project, hoping to revive it by starting an artist residency there. Just in the last year and a half the foundation has bought the majority of the buildings in town, stripped the 1800’s structures down to their bones, and completely remodeled them with readymade home depot products.

In response, as a resident artist there I took on my own renovation project. I found an abandoned house in town that was sinking into the ground, dilapidated and hidden by trees. By cleaning, framing, and filtering the information there, I worked to both delete and maintain the history held in the space. The project stands hidden in town, a critique of the dangers of rapid change.

Video from local Maine news describing the scope of the Libra project in Monson.