To See Place: Part 1 

Performance video, 6:21

The dock for this video was constructed to respond to body weight. In engaging with the object, participants are required to negotiate with one another and the object, brought into intimate relationship with one another and their environment.

The video work To See Place: Part 1 questions how our technologies mediate the way we see our surroundings. The video provides a bird’s-eye view through drone photography alongside the first-person perspective of a personal camera, asserting the importance of both lenses in negotiating the politics of landscape.

To See Place: Part 2

Plaster, monitors, reflective glass, 3-channel audio
15’’x 13’’ x 42’’

To See Place: Part Two thinks through photogrammetry as a technology for archiving place. In this work, photo triangulation modelling software provides a means for documenting three individuals as they remember a shared place they all once lived. Pairing voice and digital holograms, the boxes attempt to create a record of life. In this time of climatic loss they pose important questions about the opportunities and challenges of using technology to create meaningful archives.